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Technical characteristics of wood are explained in manuals. Technology of joints can be learned by exploring history. Size is determined by an architect, whereas shape is difficult to define.


Basic construction, as well as basic shape, are determined according to the needs and possibilities of a space for which the table was designed. Construction details follow physical logic of material and statics. Besides, it is a hand that makes the shape, not a pencil. This is something accompanying the master in all manufacturing phases, also including the time component. It is a vision which ripens during the examination and preparation of boards, during planing, sawing, joint making and assembling. How elements are harmoniously and meaningfully connected is something that comes from itself, providing that right people with the right will meet at the right time.

Architects: Luka Fabjan, Urša Križman

Year: 2019

Photography: Studio Aino

Carpetner: Mizarstvo Jerančič

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