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Typical house and additional building - these two concepts have a rather negative connotation in architecture. The problem is in their accordance with the surroundings –  size of the building, shape of the gauge, articulation, orientation, etc. Is it possible, that the addition is not merely a construction but also a solution to its fitting in the surroundings? Can with just one move a building be included in the village area and connected adequately?

Contemporary image of a wooden 'gank' (balcony along the house, giving  access to the upper floor from the outside) is an element which tries to avoid the labelling 'additional building' and 'typical house'. The new image is a new modern house which despite keeping the memory of traditional architecture fits elegantly in the area, thus giving the feeling this is the house which has been here for ever.


Architecture: Urša Križman, Luka Fabjan

Year: 2018

Investor: Privat

Photographs: Studio Aino

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