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Some people attract other people by just being who they are and how they live. It can be an ordinary day that their house will be filled with friends, family, neighbours or merely acquaintances. Moving into some distant location wouldn't make any difference.

Common living space, with a touch of privacy. A large table giving comfort also on solitary evenings. Kitchen where we can make a morning coffee or some delicious dish. A house which always seems tidy even though it is not. Friendly people in the living room.

Such would be the image of a cosy home.

Architecture: Urša Križman, Luka Fabjan

Year: 2016

Area: 180 m2

Location: Lj - Grosuplje

Investor: Privat

Photographs: Studio Aino

Carpenter: Mizarstvo Perovšek

Fireplace: Galeti d.o.o.

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