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Designing a chair is one of the most difficult tasks in furniture design. Apart from perfect comfort, expected by the user, a chair is the key element of the interior.  Combining both is quite a demanding achievement.

Ascetic shape, precisely defined and technically perfect details as well as strong connection to nature are the key points in designing shape. This is also an approach the craftsman uses at his work which includes the process consisting of a certain sequence. No shortcuts are allowed.

Taking all this into consideration we get a product. Not a final product though but a prototype which is the first tangible element of the idea and basis for further study and development.


Architecture: Urša Križman, Luka Fabjan

Year: 2017

Photographs: Studio Aino

Makers: Andraž Pečar, Domen Horvat, Luka Fabjan

Stonemason: Kamena, Beno Ogrin

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