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Architectural design as a whole is a very broad term. Design itself is the most recognisable part, fair cooperation with contractors is a key part, developing  relations with the investor is the most important part. The best part, however, is usually hidden and out of the limelight of the project.

The best part of architecture is the truth about quality architecture. The truth is something we permanently investigate, search for, examine, doubt, write anew, search again... Again and again there is a question: where does an object get a shape? If the form comes into existence by itself, the truth within it is not the truth we are talking about. The form has its source, something to start and grow from.

The truth about AINO studio is material. It is material and its characteristics that determine the form. Craftsmen, who are nowadays difficult to find, knew this very well. Each craft knew material in detail. Handicraft needed careful consideration how to make each single product. Also tools, which had to be made, were very well designed, although, at first sight they might have looked quite simple. Therefore, craft is the very treasury of knowledge, great inspiration and support.

The truth is that crafts are connected merely with natural materials. Artificial and composite materials usually do not have any specific technical characteristics and can be shaped respectively. In this case, the truth about architecture is not relevant anymore and the opportunity for the best part of architecture is lost.

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