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It may happen that the ground is not ideal for building a one-family house. Size, orientation, geometry, flood area… can be a limitation in construction. So can be the surroundings. Old village heart determines conditions of choosing volumes, colours, materials. Sometimes, however, all these restrictions become an inspiration for designing, which gives the architecture additional meaning and sense.

Ground orientation gives a form, clay ground chooses brick for construction and the old village heart determines the shape of the roof. However, it is not just external factors that constructed our house, from the inside it is being built by a young family. Wish for a view of greenness results in designing a large directed window. Running around the living space draws a circular ground-plan scheme. Large bookshelf retains the roof. And the stairs turn into a bread stove.


Architecture: Urša Križman, Valentin Slaček, Luka Fabjan

Year: 2018

Investor: Privat

Photographs: Studio Aino

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