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How to make furniture out of solid wood has become a difficult question today. It is not taken for granted anymore that a carpenter will be able to make a technically proper cabinet. For in next 150 years wood will still be breathing and moving. It will also change the colour and where you touch it several times it will get completely smooth. Besides, it will remember many a knock and a hit.

However, what to do if in a course of time wishes and needs change and the cabinet doesn't fit anymore? Can the master remodel it? Make it better? Take it to pieces? Make two out of one? Or the cabinet is given to children who start living on their own and can remodel it to their own liking.

Perhaps they will make a table out of it.


Architects: Urša Križman, Luka Fabjan

Year: 2017

Investor: Privat

Photographs: Studio Aino

Carpenter: Mizarstvo Jerančič

Blacksmith: Kovaštvo UKO, Kropa

Light fixture: Keramika Urša Križman

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