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A home in grandparents' house is priceless in its heart. There is not much left from the original house, its spirit, however, is still present. Perhaps this is so due to thick walls and a bread stove. Spaces are small, the light scarce. We miss the common living space and greater connectivity of individual spaces. How to make a home where the family would be as close as it used to be in the past?

Is it a large window that makes  home spacious? Is it wood giving warmth? Is it natural stone which adds to the value? Is it brass reflecting the time? Probably it is all the details we can see when observing the ambient. Yes, it may be the very details which - while telling us who they are and what they do, bringing back all those beautiful memories - make us stop for a while in our everyday routine.

Architects: Urša Križman, Luka Fabjan

Year: 2018

Area: 75 m2

Location: Ptuj

Investor: Privat

Photographs: Studio Aino

Carpetner: Mizarstvo Jerančič

Cast iron: Livartis

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