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Related to philosophy on architecture the original name was derived from 'Arhitektura IN Obrt' (Architecture AND Craft). Craft  has the major role in studio development.

It started with an extensive study of each individual specific craft such as carpentry, stonecutting, pottery, blacksmithing and other. The study included meetings with craftsmen at their workplaces, numerous questions and sometimes in organized workshops working with tools and materials. Later the study was going on in our premises. Purchase of some tools and equipment, renting a workplace and collecting waste pieces of different materials made it possible to get a better knowledge of natural materials as well as processing technique.

The value of study (which is still going on) might not be as much in the quality of the acquired knowledge as in learning the broadth of this field of work, further, in making contacts with craftsmen and, above all, in the attitude to nature and natural materials.

Also, the name of the studio has another background which has strong influence on design. Aino Aalto was wife of a well known Alvar Aalto, Finnish architect and designer, who in his time took a big step in architecture development. Aino, a designer herself, is neither much said nor written about. With her husband she founded the Artek company, where she designed and made her own design articles – furniture, fabrics, desktop products, … In her CV we can also read that in her approach to architecture she managed to keep, on one hand, family bond and warmth while on the other she was a strong inspiration to Alvar and thus indirectly involved in many of his masterpieces.

In today's instant, fast, consumer, stressful world these values are not so easy to achieve. Our wish is to consider, use and noble them both in architecture and on personal level.

Urša Križman, M.I.A.

Luka Fabjan, M.I.A.

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